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 Summer Enrichment  Parent Information Packet

Contact Info:
Emily Mann
Phone: 2172082062

Types of tutoring

Subjects Available: All Subjects, Math, Science, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Study Skills, Test-taking skills.

All subjects (1-2 hours)
This will cover all of the things students tend to forget over the summer months. Students will focus on the areas in which they may need extra help as well as help them grow in the places they are good at!
Price: $30/Session/Student

Subject Specific (One-two hour(s)
(The following rates include all materials provided aside from student’s homework.)
Subject Specific is for Students who struggle with specific subjects. These sessions include homework help as well as additional practice and coping skills in the subject area they have trouble with. A schedule will be provided for general activities and times. It is recommended that students meet at least two times a week.  If a session is longer than two hours a payment adjustment of $5 per hour will be discussed due to needing to provide more material.  
Price: $20/session/Student

Group sessions are available for both Summer programs!
Group sessions are for groups of 2-10 students who are in the same grade. Rates for group session are $15-$20/Student/Session  

Curriculum for all Extra Practice
The curriculum that I use for my tutoring students is based on the Common core state standards of Illinois. I utilize the SPECTRUM books as well as develop my own spin on concepts that help aid students in their individual learning styles. You can expect students to have Google classroom for some activities. Students may need a Gmail account to fully utilize the activities that are provided. (I will be willing to create one for students or use parent emails if that is preferred.)
All students will be required at the beginning of each session to set different types of goals. This will aid in the learning of study skills and organization.

All students will participate in a reward chart. This will be a way for students to become motivated as well as track goals. Goals are an important part of learning. This will also lower the stress that learning brings on. Students will work towards rewards such as Gameday, A treasure chest item, a book, a gift certificate, and more.

Meeting Places
All sessions will be held in public places. I have reserved private work areas at the Chatham Public library. These rooms are on rotation, it may not be the same room every time. If an alternative meeting place is needed parents will be informed as soon as possible and a different meeting place will be assigned. 

Assigned Times will vary depending on each student. Typical meeting times for Summer are weekday Mornings From 8am-11am. If these times don’t work for you alternatives can be discussed.   


Sessions will NOT be held on the following dates for holidays in 2019-
Personal Holiday- June 16-22
Independence day- July 4th.
Personal Holiday- July 7-13
Final sessions for the Summer Program will be held on the week of July 28th- (Tentative)

Canceling Sessions 
If your child is ill or has a conflict with a session, please let me know as soon as possible. We will reschedule sessions for a later date.


My goal is to make tutoring as easy as possible on the Student, Parent, and Bank. Because of this, I am willing to work with families when it comes to paying for these sessions.  If this is something you are interested in contact me to discuss options.

Payment Options

Option One- Make payment for the first session before the first tutoring date. Then pay for each upcoming session after said session is completed.
Option Two- Make payment for the first session before the first tutoring date. Then pay for each upcoming session Before the said session is completed.
Option Three- Work out a payment plan with your tutor in which both parties agree upon. 
Payment methods
Cash, Check, and Paypal.

Refund Policy
Session are paid for per session. Because of this, No refunds of paid fees will be given after the session is completed.

Tutoring Registration
If you feel my Tutoring is a good fit for you here is the Tutoring Registration form (this is available on paper as well if you would prefer):
Please fill out one per student.